Tuesday, May 07, 2013

'The NSU migrant laborer murder trial is an aim in itself' - The Local

 The NSU migrant laborer murder trial is an aim in itself' 

'The NSU trial is an aim in itself' - The Local
Global attention was trained on a Munich courtroom on Monday as Beate Zschäpe and four neo-Nazis faced charges relating to a series of racially motivated killings. The Local's media round-up presents some of the reaction.
Much of this attention was on the trial itself - and on Zschäpe, who as a female "face of evil" seemed even more fascinating than her erstwhile male fellow gang members. But many commentators also pointed to wider problems in Germany that needed to be examined and tackled. Not just institutional incompetence but also widespread racism which is not usually acknowledged.

"Evil has a face," said the tabloid Bild. "An ordinary face. Beate Zschäpe. The trial is about her guilt and her punishment for ten vile murders. But it is about more! The acts of the brown serial killers tore us from our complacency. We believed in a Germany without swastikas. We believed the state security services had the far right in hand. It had nothing in hand! Here a black man kicked to death, there a migrant shot - we were too comfortable to look more closely.

"The Munich trial will, day for day, open our eyes. The truth hits us in the face. The media, which was such a burden at first for the judges, will make sure that everyone sees how justice is administered in Germany, incorruptible, and with passion for fairness. The trial will sharpen our consciences."  ........  
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