Thursday, April 04, 2013

No more suffering in silence for sexually abused - Daily Telegraph

No more suffering in silence for sexually abused
AUSTRALIA  The Daily Telegraph  April 04, 2013

THE long-suffering victims of child sex abuse will finally be given a voice after decades of suffering in silence.
It's expected more than 5000 will relive their harrowing ordeals as the royal commission into institutionalised sex abuse against children began yesterday.

The six commissioners, headed by Justice Peter McClellan, said the victims - of all ages and backgrounds - would no longer be ignored and the commissioners were expecting to hear "serious and often shocking allegations".

"Part of the task given to us is to bear witness, on behalf of the nation, to the abuse and consequential trauma inflicted on many people who have suffered sexual abuse as children," he said.

The commission has chosen the non-threatening surroundings of regional motel function rooms for the victims to open their hearts and reveal their most agonising and painful secrets.

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