Sunday, January 20, 2013

300,000 Babies: Spanish nun in new stolen baby case -

Spanish nun in new stolen baby case -

Madrid, Spain - Spanish judges have launched a fresh investigation of a nun accused of stealing newborns in the 1980s, a suspected widespread practice dating from the Franco dictatorship, a lawyer said Friday.
Sister Maria Gomez Valbuena, 87, in April last year was the first person to go before a judge over the “stolen babies” scandal, in which the regime allowed children to be taken from their parents on moral or ideological grounds.In that case she was questioned by a judge investigating her role in the kidnapping of a newborn girl from a Madrid hospital three decades ago.
Now she is accused by another mother, Purificacion Betegon, of taking away her twins in 1981, said the plaintiff's lawyer, Alipio Barbero.
Betegon “in 1981 had twin girls and after she told Sister Maria she did not want to give her daughters up for adoption, she was told they had died,” Barbero said, without elaborating.

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