Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Breaking children’s spirits in God’s name

Breaking children’s spirits in God’s name

 “To Train Up a Child” is the revealing title of an authoritarian child-rearing manual, written by a right-wing evangelical pastor and his wife, that has been found in the homes of at least three families implicated in horrific cases of homicide by child abuse. The book, by Michael Pearl, pastor of the Church at Cane Creek in Pleasantville, Tenn., and his wife Debi, is particularly popular among Christian home-schoolers. Just think of this as the anti-Dr. Spock manual. It begins by advocating taps with switches to teach six-month-old babies not to roll off their blankets and progresses to recommendations for the use of a quarter-inch thick flexible plumbing line to strike older children on the arms, legs or back.

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