Monday, August 15, 2011

Madrids katholisches Jugendtreffen gerät zum Welt-Pädophilentreffen - The Journal

Irlands gigantischer Priester-Missbrauch läßt Madrids Jugendtreffen zum Welt-Pädophilentreffen geraten.   The Journal

Irland: Hundreds more abuse cases set to emerge

THE ARCHBISHOP OF Cashel has said he will arrange a meeting of all priests in the scandal-hit Cloyne diocese next month to discuss the fallout of a report into child abuse. A spokesperson for Archbishop Dermot Clifford told Barry Roche of the Irish Times that priests in the area will be free to express their views on the Cloyne Report, which revealed a string of abuse cases and mishandling by senior clergy. The announcement of the meeting comes after a gathering on Tuesday called by the reform lobby group the Association for Catholic Priests. Fr Tony Flannery, of the Association, told the Belfast Telegraph morale among ordinary priests was very low. “The morale of the priests has been fairly shattered by all of this,” he said.”There is a general sense of a lack of leadership in the church at this very crucial time.”

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