Thursday, July 14, 2011

BBC: Wenn Rechtsstaat und die Werte der Aufklärung in Europas etwas taugen, gehört die Kurie nach DenHaag.

Is confession still good for the soul

" BBC News Online examines the implications of Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter's planned legislation to deal with the withholding of information about child abuse. Could it bring the state into direct conflict with the Catholic Church?

Father O'Hagan said: "In the wake of the Cloyne Report, news of legal remedies that would challenge or seek to remove the 'privileged' status accorded by many civil jurisdictions, including the Republic of Ireland, to information exchanged between priest and penitent will come as a surprise.

"Legal remedies to the failures, personal and institutional, revealed by the Cloyne Report should be proportionate."

When, as promised by Justice Minister Shatter, the legislation comes before the Dail, the Irish parliament, in the autumn, it will be interesting to see if politicians are still influenced by their religion (and their electorate) or if there has been a clear separation between church and state. "

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