Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rechtspopulismus & 'NeuEvangelisierung' des Vatikans senken die Hemmschwelle christlicher Fundamentalisten

"Der Rechtspopulismus & die 'NeuEvangelisierung' des Vatikans senken die Hemmschwelle christlicher Fundamentalisten"
Der Vatican rejects any responsibility for supporting fundamentalism and lets inform the world that the resposibilitiy for such tragedies is to find in personal or political reasons.
“It is madness,” Archbishop Tscherrig told Vatican Radio. “All these actions are irrational, and difficult to comprehend, whether they had personal or political reasons. In any case, it is always an unbelievable thing.”    The Archbishops statement
The incident from Oklahoma (168 deaths in 1995) and Oslo (92 deaths yesterday) where caused by declared Christian Fundamentalists.
The reasons for these tragedies can be found alone in Rom.  >  NEW-EVANGELISATION.

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