Sunday, July 17, 2011

New row between Church and State over "˜privileged confessions"

New row between Church and State over ˜privileged confessions"   - thejournal
The childrens Minister Frances Fitzgerald has insisted that priests who are given admissions of child abuse during the sacrament of confession will not be exempt from new rules on mandatory reporting. Launching the Children First guidelines on child protection yesterday, Fitzgerald said legislation currently being passed through the Oireachtas – which will make it an offence not to report a crime – will not give an exemption to confession.
The Irish Examiner’s Juno McEnroe reported Fitzgerald as bluntly saying the existing ‘privilege’, under which evidence given in confession is not considered admissible, would not be retained under the new laws. “The point is, if there is a law in the land, it has to be followed by everybody. There are no exceptions, there are no exemptions,” the Catholic News Service quoted her as saying.

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